Saraswati Puja Celebration at Officer’s Club

Saraswati Mahabhage
Vidye Kamalalochane
Vishwaroope Vishaalaakshi
Vidyam dehi namosthuthe

 Dear Esteemed collegues,

  Like previous years this year also we are going to celebrate Maa Saraswati Puja in our Officer’s Club, NIT Silchar on 10 Feb 2019 (Sunday). I request your whole heated participation in the Puja, which comes once in a year.

The contribution for the program : Family (800/-) and Single (500/-)
(It includes Puja, Lunch and Dinner)

Program Details:

7.00 am – Puja Starts

9:00 am- Anjali Dan followed by Prasad Sevan

1:00 pm- Lunch

6:00 pm- Cultural Program by Campus Kids

8:00 pm- Dinner

Dr. Mausumi Sen (Vice President) is requested to Coordinate for the Cultural Program by the Campus Kids.

Dr. Kedar Nath Das is kindly requested to offer Puja like previous years and provide the list of items as required for the Puja.

Kindly deposit your contribution to the following members:

ECEDr. M. kavicharan
E&IDr. Ranjay Hazra
EEDr. Amritesh Kumar
CSEDr. Partha Pakray 
MEDr. Sudip Dey
CivilDr. M. L. V Prasad
PhysicsDr. Soumya Mahapatra
MathDr. H. S. Raju
ChemDr. Biswanath Ghosh
HumanitiesDr. N B Singh
MBADr. Soma Panja

Kindly deposit your contribution to the departmental members by 06 Feb 2019, so that it can be planned in a good way.

Please expend few seconds to confirm your participation by informing your colleague as per the table above.

This will be of great help for us to organize the event smoothly.

Kindly forward this mail to the newly joined faculty members who are not in the mailing list.

Thanks and Looking forward your kind cooperation.

With regards,

Dr. Koushik Guha