Holi is the most entertaining and joyful festival of the country. The Holi festival is the festival of colors. In this festival, every place looks colorful. Many of the colors we use on this day for play the Holi.

In many states of the India, it celebrated with much fun. It has the lots of joys and happiness by the playing with colors. This festival comes in the spring season, which is the great season of the year.

On the Holi festival, people enjoy the day by using of colors on each other with the water and also without the water, i.e., Abeer. It feels great happiness and enthusiastic in the every people mind.

Different type of colors makes us attractive for playing the Holi with joy. Ou India looks stunning with the variety of colors in this festival.

In this festival, children make much enjoyment and happiness by playing with colors and they also use the water gun for playing with colors

It is mostly referred as for everyone, who loves each other to forget the all enemies. People play the holi with so happy mood. Celebration of the holi is really joyful, when the families comes together and make it very happy festival. It becomes much joyful with the family.

On this day, we meet each other by doing handshake and hug and apply abeer on the forehead. We take blessings of our elders in the morning and apply on their forehead. We wish to each happy holi, those people come in the home as a guest. We offer them a sweets and snacks for eat.

On this festival, we make so much fun to play the music. Many of the music instruments like Dholak, Kirtal are plays in holi. We plays the holi songs and also holi religious songs. We makes so much and dance on this day.

And this is how holi is celebrated.