Durga Puja

Durga puja is one of the main Hindu festivals. It is celebrated every year with lots of preparations to honor of goddess Durga. She is the daughter of Himalaya and Menaka and a transition of sati who later got married to the Lord Shiva. It is considered that this puja was started first time when Lord Rama worshipped the Goddess Durga to get power to kill Ravana.

Goddess Durga is worshipped in Navaratri because it is considered that she killed a demon Mahishasura after 10 days and nights of battle. She has ten hands with a different weapon in each. People got relief from that asura because of the goddess Durga that’s why they worship Her with full devotion.

Goddess Durga is worshipped all nine days of the festival. However days of worship varies according to the place. Devotees of Mata Durga keep fast for all nine days or only first and last days. They decorate and worship the statue of goddess by offering Prasad, jal, kumkum, nariyal, sindoor, etc according to the capacity with great devotion. Everywhere looks very beautiful and environment becomes clean and pure. It seems that really goddess Durga makes a round to everyone home and blesses Her devotees. It is believed that worshipping Mata provides delight, prosperity, removes darkness and evil power. Generally people perform puja for three days (called as Saptami, Astami and Navami) after keeping fast for long 6, 7, and 8 days. They offer food, fruit and dakshina to the seven or nine unmarried girls in the morning in the clean manner in order to make goddess Durga happy.

After puja, people perform immersion ceremony of the statue in the holy water. Devotees return to their homes with sad faces and pray to Mata to come next year again with lots of blessings.