Dr. Koushik Guha

From the heart of the Secretary

It’s strange for me. And for me to experience this feeling, I express my sincere gratitude to you for having reposed your confidence in me. Apologies for being quite late in to address you all. For me it’s starting all over again from where I left one year ago.

This committee’s priority is to restore the pride of the members and to achieve that we can only think forward. Our sincere endeavor would be to build a decent and friendly environment between members of NITS by creating a platform for all officers to spend their leisure time with family and friends through various types of events and social & outreach activities. You will agree with me that no club is complete without the active involvement of its members. I, therefore, on behalf of the Committee appeal to each one of you to support us in this cause for our club, and in the name of our club.

This Committee is also committed to provide quality entertainment programmes aimed at the members’ and their families – especially the ladies and the children. I therefore on behalf of the committee again appeal to each one of you to patronise our club frequently and keep a tab on the events calendar.

That’s all for the time being. Thanking you once again for giving me this rejuvenated opportunity to serve you wholeheartedly.

The pleasure is all mine.

With warm regards

Dr. Koushik Guha

Secretary, Officers Club, NIT Silchar